This project has moved to javadelight/delight-log.

Async Log

Async Log is a minimal implementation for asynchronous logging in Java.

Why: To provide a logging implementation works well in multi-threaded environments with minimal performance impact.

What Not: This library is very feature-poor by design to keep it maintainable and portable.


Creating a Log Repository

All logs are held in a log repository which can be created as follows.

PropertyNode logs = Logs.create();

Note: Before the application terminates the log repository should always be finalized as follows to ascertain that the thread used by the logging node is released.


Log a Text Entry

The following will log a number of simple Strings.

logs.record(Logs.string("log1", "entry 1"));
logs.record(Logs.string("log1", "entry 2"));

Retrieving Logged Entries

The entries written in the previous example can be retrieved as follows:

String log1 = logs.retrieve("log1", StringLog.class).get().toString();


This results in an output as follows:


Preventing Log from Overflowing

By default individual logs are limited to 40 items. If this limit is reached, the oldest values will be purged.

A custom limit can be set by passing an integer to the logs constructor method:

PropertyNode limitedLog = Logs.create(20);

Maven Dependency

    <version>[latest version]</version>

Find latest version here.

Add repository if required:

        <id>Appjangle Releases</id>


This project is compatible with the following environments:

  • Java 1.6+
  • GWT 2.5.0+
  • Android (any)
  • OSGi (any)

Further Resources

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